AUTHOR: Daisy Wallace

The Skillsoft EMEA channels awards for 2014 have just been announced, we’re proud to say that StudentCare™ has won Best Customer Support Team of 2014.

Nearly 10,000 students have enrolled on our training since 2011, and we’ve striven to provide them with the best learning experience possible.

Our main priority is that students use our learning resources to study and succeed in their certification exams, therefore enhancing their career and opening up new opportunities.

StudentCare aims to support and motivate our students in order to guide them to success.

One way of doing this is through providing orientations around the training platform for every new student – in 2014 StudentCare excelled and gave 3,000 of these.

Being awarded such prestigious recognition from Skillsoft, the premier provider of eLearning solutions around the world, encourages us to carry on providing great quality customer service, and to always exceed expectations.

Head of StudentCare - Kat James - says, 

"It's a fantastic achievement to win this award - a true recognition of the hard work the team does to ensure our students get the best support they need.

"We started as a very small team and are continuing to grow, developing new strategies all the time to enable continuing student success.

"Well done StudentCare - I'm extremely proud of this award."

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