AUTHOR: Laura Stupple

We're delighted to announce that the Learning People have agreed a partnership with EC council, meaning that we are now the exclusive reseller of Certified Ethical Hacker training in the UK.


Who are the EC council?

EC council is the world leading source for IT, network and cyber security training. Delivering IT security courses in over 92 countries around the globe, EC Council is the undisputed world leading and most trusted source for training across the information security community.

Their flagship course - the Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH - sets the standard for what the world has come to expect from ethical hacking cyber security courses and is internationally recognised. They've trained over 200,000 security professionals and have become thought leaders in the cyber security space and share many of our business goals and aspirations. We couldn't be happier that they've chosen to partner with us as official resellers of the CEH training.

"Our lives are dedicated to the mitigation and remediation of the cyber plague that is menacing the world today "

Jay Bavisi, President & CEO at EC-Council



CEH training - what is it?

The Certified Ethical Hacker teaches you to think like a hacker and will give you the hands on knowledge you need to beat cyber attacks and fill the skills gap.

Our online CEH package teaches you how to approach vulnerabilities and identify them before they are exploited by black hat hackers. You'll learn everything from foot printing and reconnaissance to penetration testing and SQL injections, giving you the best advantage when progressing in your career.

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What does this mean for our students?

EC council are highly respected within the industry, so when you gain your qualification and complete the accredited training you can be sure that potential employers will recognise and respect it.

As exclusive partners, our students will receive official content from EC council themselves, meaning that you will have access to more effective, exam-focused training from the people who created the exam themselves. This will of course give you a higher chance of passing and a better training experience overall.

For more information on the EC Council, or to find out what other training opportunities we have within cyber security, please get in touch today.

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