"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Milton Berle

Most career change stories begin with that 'click' moment. Whether that's an unexpected life changing event, a sudden bereavement or losing your job when you least expected it.

But what about the rest of us who are still coasting along with a deep desire to take the leap but little motivation to take the first step. Well, let us help you create your own click moment. Stop the persistent job list scrolling and procrastination and get comfy. Your film binging desires are totally validated on this occasion, as we bring you 6 films about change to help inspire anyone switching careers.

 1. The Pursuit of Happyness: focus & determination wins out

Whatever your change of career ambitions, often the thing holding you back is self-limiting beliefs. But, what if I can't do it? What if I don't get a job? What if I take the leap and fail? Well, what better man to help you smash away those negative narratives than Will Smith?

In The Pursuit of Happyness Mr Smith takes on more of a serious role as a man who always ends up with the short straw. He's struggled to make ends meet, let alone find his dream job. His click moment is the fact he needs to get to get his ducks in a row to win custody of his son. A great movie to watch if you feel like it's too late for you or switching careers will be an impossible task. By the end of it you will realise that with focus and determination you can achieve anything you put your mind too.

2. Up in the Air: It's never too late to change

It's easy to get comfortable if you have been in the same job for a long time and start to convince yourself your are invisible. The truth is though, no job is truly 100% safe so why waste time not doing what you love?

Up in the Air with George Clooney is pretty much a film about losing your job. He travels across the US as a HR consultant offering corporate businesses 'termination services' - quite frankly if your going to lose your job why not have Swooney Clooney do the deed? What? I'm fired? Ah well. Worse things can happen… Not your bag?Don't worry, his sidekick Anna Kendrick's got you covered.

While it may seem like a cruel job, what transpires in the film is that losing your job can be just the beginning. Reminding people like us that it is never too late to change.


3. Field of Dreams (1989): anything is possible

This ones a little outside of the box… or should we say a little left-field, but relevant nonetheless. Kevin Costner plays Ray Kinsella, a lowa farmer both haunted and inspired to build a baseball diamond in his cornfield. There's no logic or reason this is a good idea. He has no thought for how it will work or make him money in the long term. He just wants to do something, so he does it.

Crazy thought isn't it? Or is it? When we were kids that was the normal way of the world. Too many of us have become so preoccupied and caught up in the daily monotony of life that we've forgotten what it's like just to do something because we want to. A lot of folks thought Ray was crazy, but in the film he proves that if you believe in yourself, your venture may yield similar feel-good results. That's why this film is a great one for entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to start their own business. Reminding you that if you build it, they will come.

4. Invincible (2006): no dream is too big

There's nothing like a true story for an extra motivational punch in the right direction. Even better when it comes from Mark Wahlberg. He plays Vince Papale in Invincible, a 30-year-old down-on-his-luck bartender, who changes his life in an open tryout into with the Philadelphia Eagles. Not only will you get in a lump in your throat watching this one, it will also fire you up and give you that kick up the butt to start your own life changing journey.

5. Yes Man: shake things up and be more 'yes'!

If there's one man capable of motivating you to get into gear with your career then Jim Carrey's your guy. Throw in the pithy determination of Zoey Dechanel in the mix and your onto a winner with this flick. It's a pretty clear title, but the ultimate premise is that Jim's character says yes to everything - literally.

Now, we're not saying that saying yes to every single thing is necessarily the way to go, but there is something to be said for grabbing opportunities. Especially if switching careers is on your radar. A reminder if you like to be more open, shake things up and get outside your comfort zone a little more.

6. The intern: desire it enough and you shall receive

There's a few internship films out there that could inspire, but we're referring to The Intern with Robert De Niro and and Anne Hathaway. A movie that kind of takes the sentiment of Devil Wears Prada, but thankfully doesn't include Mr De Niro in Prada heels - or does it?

If you haven't seen it you'd be forgiven for assuming Anne is playing the intern, an assumption hopefully driven by the age gap, not the gender gap - let's not even go there. It is refreshing to witness a flip in an obvious dynamic. An older geezer, Ben Whittaker, working for an empowering young woman, Jules Ostin.

While the film definitely isn't a hang on to your seats kind of movie, the relationship dynamic between De Niro and Hathaway is well worth the time and will give you another reminder that it truly is okay to start from scratch. More specifically, even if your retired, feel like a fish out of water and have to learn everything on the job.

Ready to make a career change?

"Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for doing it." Katharine Whitehorn

It can be tough to finally make the move and switch careers. So many roadblocks get in the way; self-doubt, fear of financial insecurity and lack of confidence to name a few. Watch these inspirational movies and hopefully you'll begin to realise that all of those blockers come from you and if that's not enough you can look to career change pro's like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan and Sex in the City's Cynthia Nixon to name a few.

You don't need to look far for inspiration and if you still have concerns just keep looking. There are so many others paving the way and changing things up, soon you will realise - it's never too late to make a change.

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