AUTHOR: Scott McCarthy

Growing up in the 90s, there was no shortage of brilliant television programmes.

Most of us only had four channels – yet you would never find yourself wanting for entertainment whether it be after school, in the evenings or at the weekends.

And 90s television wasn't just entertaining – it was educational too. You probably didn't realise it at the time, what with being so engrossed at some cruel parent getting covered in gunge or what dastardly plan Team Rocket were up to, but programmes from the 90s had many important life lessons for us.

Here goes our list of seven 90s television programmes and the life lessons they taught us – or as Kenan and Kel would put it, awwwww here it goes.

Kenan and Kel - the importance of loyalty

Each episode of Kenan and Kel featured Keenan coming up with some ridiculous idea he wanted to project manage and Kel going along with it without batting so much as an eyelid. Whether it was setting up a nightclub for under 15s in a grocery store, replacing a broken television set that was due to be a raffle prize with Keenan's parents TV and then trying to rig the raffle so Kel wins it back or adopting and then attempting to hide a chimpanzee in Kenan's home, Kel never ever questioned the madness of the plan.

Some would stay that was largely due to the fact that Kel was an idiot but there is clearly another reason behind it – loyalty. If you didn't learn from Kenan and Kel the importance of loyalty to your best friend, then you obviously weren't watching it correctly. That and that orange soda is fantastic, obviously.



 Teletubbies - technology rules

We might not have learned much from Teletubbies, but we really should have done. Imagine if all the scientists and inventors in the world had spent their time taking inspiration from the popular children's television show and creating the world that the Teletubbies lived in, rather than inventing stuff like the minidisc player.

We could have eco-friendly homes covered in grass, a conscientious vacuum cleaner to completely eliminate having to do the housework yourself and best of all, a television set wired into each of our stomachs, probably capable of connecting to the internet. Now that would be a seriously good bit of computer coding.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - teamwork

The only thing that stood between Rita Repulsa and world domination were five superheroes. Except these weren't your regular superheroes. Jason, Trini, Zack, Kimberly, Billy and Tommy were just normal kids who went to school by day and fought evil by night. Their individual CV's weren't particularly impressive yet when working as a team, they defeated every single one of Rita's evil creations. Just shows what you can achieve with teamwork, doesn't it?


Pokemon taught us to look after our pets

Look after your pets and they will look after you. That's the message everyone got from Pokemon. Ash, Misty and Brock gave so much love, care and attention to their collection of pets that Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander and the rest of the gang ended up saving their lives on numerous occasions when confronted by the evil Team Rocket.

Now we're not suggesting that you should put Tufty the Rabbit or Alfie the Dog into a little Pokeball, carry them around the country and have them fight in gyms or anything, but there are real rewards when you look after a pet.

Art Attack and Blue Peter - recycling

You might not think recycling to save the planet is important, but you can't deny that recycling in order to make some outrageously cool piece of art like Blue Peter and Art Attack did on a weekly basis was worth it. Why throw out all those empty toilet rolls when with a few hours work they could be a decorative piece that Da Vinci would be proud of? Still not convinced about those talking heads, though.



Friends taught us the importance of, well, friends

In a day and age when likes, retweets and our social media profiles can seem like the most important thing in the world, it's easy to forget what really makes life fantastic – having a great bunch of friends around you. That's the lesson that Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross taught us over the course of the 10 seasons that Friends became a worldwide phenomenon.

Not that we can mention Friends without mentioning one huge untruth, either – turns out you can't spend your life just hanging around in a coffee shop all day. Not unless you become some sort of millionaire who never has to go work, anyway.

Get Your Own Back - revenge is a dish best served cold

If somebody has wronged you, you might be tempted to come up with an elaborate scheme to gain revenge on them. Why bother with all that planning and scheming though when you can simply pour a load of gunge over them?

Dave Benson Phillips showed us that revenge not be complicated, but that it is a dish best served cold. And brightly coloured.

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