Whether you've set your sights on a coding career or just consider yourself to be a bit of a tech geek, we've sifted through a sea of tech Ted Talks to find the best. 

Today we're bringing you top Ted Talks and inspirational chat that will tickle those tech savvy neurons in just the right way.



In his talk 'Why jobs of the future won't feel like work' Innovation expert David Lee challenges our fear-based response to robotics seemingly lined up to 'take our jobs'. Change is always going to be scary, but there's something to be said for feeling safe in the knowledge that robots simply won't ever be able to take over every single job - especially those that require human emotions, instinct and interaction. Instead of leading to total disaster, the theory is that robots may in fact just force us all to dig deeper and find greater meaning in what we 'do for a living'. Watch this one if you are fascinated by the potential of technology and wish you could time travel into the future to see just how it turns out in the end. 


"I believe that the jobs of the future will come from the minds of people who today we call analysts and specialists, but only if we give them the freedom and protection that they need to grow into becoming explorers and inventors. If we really want to robot-proof our jobs, we, as leaders, need to get out of the mindset of telling people what to do and instead start asking them what problems they're inspired to solve and what talents they want to bring to work. Because when you can bring your Saturday self to work on Wednesdays, you'll look forward to Mondays more, and those feelings that we have about Mondays are part of what makes us human."


2. Hack a banana, make a keyboard! Nuff said...

Any inspirational speaker that can relate technology insights into food analogies is good by us, but what exactly does inventory Jay Silver mean by 'hack a banana'? The ultimate point is that anything is possible if you open up your imagination and worry less about perfection and more about challenging perceptions. In his talk 'Hack a banana, make a keyboard!' Jay shares some of his messiest inventions and delivers a talk that infectiously invites you into a land where you too can play with the world. And whilst creating the perfect world may not be possible in one hit, we can certainly chip away at it one invention a time. A motivational tech Ted Talk for anyone who loves messing about with code and experimenting with new inventions or ideas.


"I used to want to design a utopian society or a perfect world or something like that. But as I'm kind of getting older and kind of messing with all this stuff, I'm realising that my idea of a perfect world really can't be designed by one person or even by a million experts."


3. Well, we did not nano that, did you?

If the future of technology fascinates you and you love a good nanotechnology debate, then this is the tech Ted Talk for you. IBM's George Tulevski reveals what he believes to be 'the next step in nanotechnology' sharing insights from his current work developing chemical processes with the potential to revolutionise microchip design. With plans to compel billions of carbon nanotubes to assemble themselves into patterns capable of building circuits.

"...if you look around -- and there's examples everywhere -- Mother Nature builds everything this way. Everything is built from the bottom up. You can go to the beach, you'll find these simple organisms that use proteins -- basically molecules -- to template what is essentially sand, just plucking it from the sea and building these extraordinary architectures with extreme diversity. And nature's not crude like us, just hacking away. She's elegant and smart, building with what's available, molecule by molecule,making structures with a complexity and a diversity that we can't even approach. And she's already at the nano. She's been there for hundreds of millions of years. We're the ones that are late to the party."

4. Algorithmic happenings: Navigating life in an algoworld

Algorithms are beginning to become part of every single moment in our daily lives, but how far can it go? Will they solve all of our problems or begin to take over and cause more? In his humorous and refreshingly entertaining talk 'How algorithms shape our world' Algoworld expert Kevin Slavin explores how they shape our world. Discussing the good, the bad and the ugly with real-world examples that will blow your mind.

"So if you need to have some image of what's happening in the stock market right now, what you can picture is a bunch of algorithms that are basically programmed to hide, and a bunch of algorithms that are programmed to go find them and act. And all of that's great, and it's fine. And that's 70 percent of the United States stock market, 70 percent of the operating system formerly known as your pension, your mortgage. And what could go wrong? What could go wrong is that a year ago, nine percent of the entire market just disappears in five minutes, and they called it the Flash Crash of 2:45. All of a sudden, nine percent just goes away, and nobody to this day can even agree on what happened because nobody ordered it, nobody asked for it. Nobody had any control over what was actually happening. All they had was just a monitor in front of them that had the numbers on it and just a red button that said, 'Stop.'"

5. Oh technology, you silly sausage you…

Sometimes we all just need to lighten up a bit, and that's why we've included Comedian Chuck Nice's talk 'A funny look at the unintended consequences of technology'. It's very difficult for millennials and beyond to imagine a world without technology, but it did exist. Truly appreciating just how much technology has impacted human behaviour can be mind blowing even for those who have lived through the transition. What better way to reflect on evolving technology than through the comedic perspective of Chuck Nice? Why not enjoy some light relief and stick this one in your list to watch on a Friday afternoon?

"And I don't even want to talk about what social media has done to dating. I was on Grindr until I found out it wasn't a sandwich app… And I can't even tell you about Tinder, except for the fact that if you think there is a limit to the amount of anonymous sex we can have on this planet, you are sadly mistaken."

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