AUTHOR: Daisy Wallace

The Learning People now offers fully flexible and wide ranging life long learning to its students.

With over 10,000 training courses, our range of continuous learning packages allow students who have been with us 12 months or longer to become a master of their profession.

No other eLearning provider in the world can offer this.

Certification makes you exceptional – as an employee and serious professional.

  • Training increases productivity by 21%
  • 63% of hiring managers believe that certified individuals are more productive
  • 43% of people receive a pay rise after becoming certified

With our continuous learning packages you can learn new skills with exclusive access to the world’s largest online IT and business skills catalogue.

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There are three packages of varying content to enrol on.


  1. Business courseware – access to hundreds of business courses to accelerate your career
  2. KnowledgeCenters – continue on the KnowledgeCenter you’re currently on, or switch to a completely new one
  3. IT courseware  – access to all our courses, over 4,000 instructional videos and hundreds of online books available 24x7


The continuous learning packages offer complete financial flexibility, with no contract, no credit card obligation and no strings attached.

We believe that learning should offer you freedom – in your career, in how you learn, where you learn, at what pace, and in any topic you want to explore.

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We’re proud to say that our continuous learning eLearning packages provide this, and our dedicated team is there to provide support every step of the way.

Because jobs aren’t for life anymore, they’re simply chapters in your career, subject to change depending on how the working world rapidly evolves around us.

Don’t get left behind, if you have completed 12 months training ensure that you continue to learn and develop with the Learning People.

For more details and to chat through your options, please visit our continuous learning page, call 01273 907 850 or email 

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